Saturday Daytime 
From: Fred Capp  Mon Oct 9 23:19:00 2006
Our daughters, Mindy & Tammy, with Rio the parrot


From: Fred Capp  Mon Oct 9 23:20:32 2006
We keep trying to keep the coons out of the yard & they keep trying to charm their way back in.


From: Fred Capp  Mon Oct 9 23:21:16 2006
I believe that this qualifies as "cute"


From: fred Capp  Mon Oct 9 23:21:58 2006
We'll have to gank those from you sometime. Thanks.


From: Fred Capp  Mon Oct 9 23:22:50 2006
Yep, That's Tammy.


From: Fred Capp  Mon Oct 9 23:23:52 2006
They've always liked dogs, even ones in Hawaiian shirts


From: Fred Capp  Mon Oct 9 23:26:31 2006
Ooh! That's me with my big lunch.


From: Fred Capp  Mon Oct 9 23:29:57 2006
Fortunately, we didn't have to bring the dragon home with us.


From: Fred Capp  Mon Oct 9 23:30:52 2006
And we got to take the same two kids home that we went with.


From: Fred Capp  Mon Oct 9 23:32:50 2006
John, you should have moved over a couple of degrees & got that word directly over her head. :D


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