Duckon 14 
Her... yeah, her!  
From: Fred / Barbarian  Sun Jul 3 17:47:11 2005
That's Carol, the sweetie that Fran and I share!

From: Fran  Sun Jul 3 23:39:35 2005
Yup! Mad Lab Rabbit (hence the ears) and all-around wonderful person. ;>


MEW in the green room  
From: mew  Sun Jul 3 21:53:24 2005
Hey, not bad, I don't look fat! I do look vaguely like I'm sneering but... then... maybe I am? ;-)
Am I playing doumbek on my knee one wonders?


J. Random Panel  
From: Fran  Sun Jul 3 23:42:22 2005
I *think* that's "Putting the Science in Science Fiction," but I'm not positive. I don't remember if I got a chance to introduce you, but the far-left panelist is my big sister.


Fran, Fred, and RJ on polyamory  
From: mew  Sun Jul 3 21:56:14 2005
Damn! And I missed it! :-)
(nice wings!)


Oh, wait... I was aiming for MEW  
From: mew  Sun Jul 3 21:57:11 2005
But it's a nice head and the jacket is so classy!


no ducks, but a dog  
From: Fran  Sun Jul 3 23:45:44 2005
"no ducks, but a dog" -- as I recall, that was the reason for the lack of ducks. ;>


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