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Highlight for Album: Newark Days 2002
Album: Newark Days 2002

On 9/22/2002, Cast and Members of Stage 1 performed several songs from current and uncoming production at Newark Days 2002.
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Highlight for Album: Witness for the Prosecution
Album: Witness for the Prosecution

Performed September 2002
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Contains: 68 items
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Highlight for Album: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Album: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Performed December 2002
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Contains: 102 items
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Highlight for Album: Cinderella
Album: Cinderella

Performed May 2003
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Contains: 261 items
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Highlight for Album: Into The Woods
Album: Into The Woods

Performed September 2003

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Contains: 149 items
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Highlight for Album: Wit
Album: Wit

Performed February 2004

These are not production photos, they are head shots used for the hospital IDs, a sample ID and the graphic used for the poem projection.

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Contains: 21 items
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Highlight for Album: Jungle Book
Album: Jungle Book

Children's Production
Performed August 2004

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Contains: 54 items
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Highlight for Album: Awards Ceremony 2004
Album: Awards Ceremony 2004

Presented October 2, 2004.

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Contains: 180 items
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Highlight for Album: Bugsy Malone
Album: Bugsy Malone

Children's Production
Performed July 2005

I was out of town for the actual production. These pictures are from the Fremont 4th of July Parade.

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Highlight for Album: Awards Ceremony 2005
Album: Awards Ceremony 2005

Presented August 14, 2005.

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Highlight for Album: Music Man
Album: Music Man

Performed September 2005

As of 9/28/2006, yes a year later, images have been sorted, and a few culled, but still raw unadjusted images.

As of 9/25/2005, this a a image dump of all the photos I took. No sorting, no adjustments and no deletes have been made.

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Highlight for Album: Anything Goes
Album: Anything Goes

Performed January 2006

Last change: 04/29/07
Contains: 5 items
Last comment 02/28/08.
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Highlight for Album: NMHS Urinetown
Album: NMHS Urinetown
Last change: 04/29/07
Contains: 1 item
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Highlight for Album: Wizard of Oz
Album: Wizard of Oz

Performed September 2006

Last change: 04/29/07
Contains: 8 items
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Highlight for Album: Oliver!
Album: Oliver!

Performed January 2007

Last change: 04/29/07
Contains: 2 items
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