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Forgive the simple page,
I'm a photographer, not a web designer.


Oklahoma - Stage 1 Theatre - 2009/09

Sound of Music - Stage 1 Theatre - 2007/09

Sugar - Stage 1 Theatre - 2008/09


Renovation: The 69th Worldcon (2011)
Flickr (Full Rez): Travel & Convention
PicasaWeb: Travel & Convention
Facebook issues forced me to split them into 3 albums:
Travel At Con Hugos

Silicon 2009

Silicon 2008

Baycon 2007

Silicon 2007

Westercon 60 - Gnomeward Bound - 2007/07

Costume-Con 25 - 2007/03-04

Newest Photos
Can be found at Flickr.

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Kitty Webcam
Our kitties like to hang out on a kitchen counter.

You can email me at johno at tyedye dot org
or you can leave voice mail at 1.510.279.3932

Richard Man has some wonderful
SF and Fantasy, and Anime Cosplay Photography
ImageCraft PhotoStudio.